• George Iglesias

Close up:

  • Mike Powers (Indiana)
  • William Watt (France)
  • Marc Desaulniers (Montreal)
  • Remy Robert (France)
  • Adrian Vega (Spain)
  • David Stone (France)


  • Shawn Farquhar (British Columbia)
  • George Iglesias (Peru)
  • Theresa Marie (Syracuse NY)
  • Gene Anderson (Michigan)
  • Yumi (Japan)
  • Olmac (France)

Master of Ceremonies:

  • Michael Dardant (New Orleans)


  • Empire Magic
  • Wizardcraft Magic
  • Bob Little
  • Twister Magic
  • Meir Yedid
  • Antony Gerard
  • Card Shark
  • Rian Lehman
  • Shawn Farquhar
  • Niagara’s First Impressions
  • Greget Magic Books

​     and more .....

2019 - Dealer / Performer Info


Welcome to the official website for MAWNY

MAWNY attracts​ dealers from all over the world, bringing the latest effects in magic as well as time proven classics. It's a great opportunity to see the magic live rather than on the internet and be certain about what you are buying. 

In addition, this is your one chance each year to see performers from all over the world. 

Here are some of the quality dealers and talented performers we've lined up for you this year. They guarantee to mystify and amaze, while they amuse and confuse!